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Welcome to my corner of the world! Take a look around. I have an excerpt from all of my books in the drop down menu above including the first chapter from my newest book He Who Has an Ear. If you find that you would like to read further, you can get a signed copy from my webstore.

He Who Has an Ear: Who the Seven Churches of Revelation are Today, helps Christians see the consequences of compromise in the church and what needs to change before Christ’s return. 

Darin Godby from Reader's Favorite Reviews says,

“This is a must-read if you are concerned about becoming too complacent within your Christian faith. This book exposes various teachings prevalent today, causing the reader to look deep within themselves and examine their own heart.”

How similar are the churches of today to the church over 2000 years ago? I think you'll be shocked with the answer.

To purchase a signed copy of He Who Has an Ear visit my webstore at here.

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